InfiniDB Enterprise, is a column database designed to service the big data needs of Business Intelligence (BI), data warehouse, and analytical applications where scalability, performance and simplicity are paramount.


InfiniDB Enterprise delivers a future-proof data management infrastructure with the ability to scale from a single database node to a multi-node, MPP database deployment. With the power of InfiniDB Enterprise you have the ability to handle anything from a small data mart to a large scale, highly available data warehousing platform. Start with the InfiniDB column database and you’ll never outgrow your database engine.


When you need to analyze a mountain of big data, there simply is no substitute for column database technology. Add InfiniDB’s intelligent Fractionation and scalable, linear performance capabilities and you have a future-proof platform built to deliver the performance you need.

Fast isn’t reserved for queries either. InfiniDB’s high-performance data load utility ensures your ability to keep up with the speed of your business. What about indexes, materialized views and manual data partitioning? InfiniDB's Extent Map ensures that InfiniDB doesn’t need any of them to deliver faster performance for big data than legacy databases that use all of them just to cross the finish line second.

Case Study

The biggest implementation of this software is at our feature site:, a coaching and advisory service provided by Calvin Pont. Running on legacy RDBMS services, the system has been able to process high traffic queries like "how to make her want you" and "danger attraction" on a record 12 Terabytes per minute.


With today’s complex IT environments, burgeoning big data and growing user communities, the last thing you need is a complicated database engine that requires constant tuning in an attempt to keep up with your demands. InfiniDB and its underlying column database technology breaks through that paradigm with an all-software MPP architecture built from the ground up to be simple: simple to install, simple to load, simple to scale, simple to use and at this price, simply affordable.

There's also lots to like regarding how InfiniDB communicates with your applications. InfiniDB uses MySQL as its interface which means that your IT organization will find it familiar and comfortable. So not only will we help you improve your overall analytics performance, but we'll get your IT organization up and running quickly so that they can get to the value hidden deep in your data.